Message from the Premier

Thank you for visiting Nova Scotia’s Open Data Portal.

Nova Scotia is proud to be a leader in the open data movement, working with our partners across the country to proactively release data to our citizens.

Stephen McNeilMaking government data available to the public through the Open Data Portal is part of our commitment to transparency, accountability and public engagement.

We know that greater access to information helps individuals and businesses gain new insights, create opportunities, and drive innovation.

So far, we’ve released hundreds of data sets through the Open Data Portal, ranging from the labour market skills of new immigrants to grants supporting arts and culture.

It has given companies like WoodsCamp a foundation of knowledge and information about Nova Scotia they couldn’t invest in on their own but need to create new value and services within the company.

We encourage you to use the data, and share it with others, so together we can find ways to grow the economy and improve the lives of Nova Scotians.

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a researcher, or an interested citizen, you have the potential to find new and exciting ways to use open data for public good.

We want to hear about your innovations with open data so please share your stories with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen McNeil